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Congress and Education

first half year 2020

Meet the expert at the Euroson Congress 2020

Mindray Events 2020

As one of the leading providers of medical devices and solution, Mindray engages in academic events in wide clinical applications and endeavours to offer intensive technical and clinical education with ultrasound-based image technology to break down the barriers in daily examinations and diagnostics.

From academic congresses, interactive workshops, clinical forums to continuous educational trainings, Mindray develops and provides various solutions with innovative ultrasound technology to address the critical challenges from improving experience of healthcare professionals to enhancing the diagnostic confidence, which also empowers Mindray to bring better healthcare within reach to everyone.

Explore the latest trends

Inspired by rapid technology development of ultrasound devices, industry breakthroughs and latest trends in ultrasound diagnostics, Minday is very active in participation and organizing academic congresses and events with showing leading-edge products combined with live scientific communications by well-known clinical researchers and scholars.

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Keep insight into clinical needs

Ultrasound technology is continuous developing. Mindray is committed to building up the leading training and education platform to make the daily diagnostics more efficient and precise. The clinical trainings are designed with theoretical and practical lectures in different applications that will be led by experienced experts in Mindray training centres worldwide.

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